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Are you considering adopting a relative ?

There are many circumstances that may open the door to a relative adoption, including untimely death, incarceration or incapacitation of a child's parents, or removal of a child by social services, amongst others. Whatever the case may be, our firm works to educate you about your rights as a relative and to assist you in navigating the adoption process.

If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult sibling, adult cousin, or another family member interested in learning more about relative adoptions, we encourage you to reach out to our firm for guidance. Having helped families throughout Michigan and the United States successfully complete their adoption journeys, our adoption lawyers have the legal abilities and unwavering commitment needed to see that you receive the assistance and support you deserve. Adopting a relative means that you will assume all of the responsibilities associated with the child. Just as with any adoption process, the State of Michigan establishes numerous procedures and requirements that must be met in order for a relative to qualify for adoption. These may include criminal background checks and home studies, and the filing of a formal petition with the court.

Frequently Asked Questions