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Be Cautious, Get Educated

Adoption scams occur more frequently than you may think.  We have encountered families that have up to four adoption scams during their adoption journey.  These are intelligent, educated people that have given thousands of dollars to scam artists that pretend to be adoption experts.

Don't be Afraid to Adopt, Get Education

Learn what you can do to protect yourselves from being taken advantage of during your adoption journey.



Consult an Expert

Our Adoption Attorneys have extensive knowledge off adoption scams.  We understand how fraud works in the area of adoption and can advise of the pitfalls to avoid.

Learn More

It is imperative that you educate yourself in adoptions laws not just in your state, but across the U.S. as adoptions are often multi-state transactions and involve the Interstate Compact for Children (ICPC).

Validate Professionals

Don't be afraid to ask people for their licenses, whether it is an adoption agency or an adoption attorney.  Some states allow unlicensed adoption facilitators so it is important to research them closely and verify their credentials.

Reach Out

It is important to reach out to other people in adoption communities online or in your area to learn who to trust.  There are adoption groups online that deal specifically with adoption scams.

Adoption Scams

Signs of Fraud
  • You are guaranteed a baby
  • You are asked to pay immediately
  • You are not given proof of pregnancy
  • You are continually asked for more money
  • You just have a bad feeling
  • You often have unanswered questions